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Personalised Wedding Ceremony

What is a Personalised Wedding Ceremony?

A personalised wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to make your special day truly unique and unforgettable. Rather than just following a traditional script or set of vows, a personalised ceremony allows you to create a bespoke experience that reflects your individuality as a couple. 

The first step in creating a personalised wedding ceremony involves us working together to plan and design the ceremony. This may involve meeting in person, video call, or over the phone to discuss your preferences, values, and ideas for the ceremony. I can provide guidance and suggestions based on my experience and expertise, and help you create a ceremony that truly reflects your personality and style.

Personalised Vows: One of the most important components of a personalised wedding ceremony is the exchange of vows. Rather than reciting standard vows, a personalised ceremony allows you to write your own vows that express your love, commitment, and promises to each other. Although we must include the legal words, your vows can be as traditional or as modern as you like, and can include personal stories, references to your shared interests and experiences, and maybe even some “inside jokes”.

Rituals and Traditions: Another key component of a personalised wedding ceremony is the inclusion of rituals and traditions that are meaningful to you as a couple. This might include a unity candle lighting ceremony, a sand ceremony, or a handfasting ritual. By incorporating these elements into your ceremony, you can create a sense of continuity and tradition that reflects your unique cultural or religious heritage.

Personal Touches: Finally, a personalised wedding ceremony allows you to add personal touches that make the day even more special and memorable. This might include including your favourite song as you walk down the aisle, having a friend or family member perform a reading, or having a special ceremony for your children or pets. By incorporating some of these unique and personal touches, we can make your wedding ceremony truly one-of-a-kind.

Working together, I have no doubt we can create a ceremony that truly reflects your personality and style, and sets the tone for a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Contact me for more information. I’d love to chat about your plans.

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Hills Celebrant Personalised Wedding Ceremony - Samantha & Jordan
~ Samantha & Jordan ~
Brisbane City Botantic Gardens, QLD

Personalised Wedding Ceremony

From $990* (Weekdays)

Package Includes:

~ Unlimited correspondence with you by email, phone & text
~ Meetings to discuss your special day
~ Thorough explanation, preparation & correct lodgement of all legal documents
~ Advice on the Order of Ceremony, structure and inclusions
~ Access to my “Shared Resources”, including vow examples, rings & readings
~ Personalised ceremony document preparation
~ Keepsake cards for personal vows, poems and readings
~ Rehearsal, in preparation for your ceremony (*Brisbane only + parking fees for City locations)
~ Choice of outfit from my “Wedding Wardrobe” to colour coordinate with your theme
~ Your Wedding Ceremony (30 mins)
~ Presentation Marriage Certificate
~ Application to Registry for Official Marriage Certificate (*Fees apply)
~ Advice on the name change process
~ PA system & microphone provided (if needed), with optional Ceremony Music

* Above rate is for a Weekday Ceremony within 30 minutes of Celebrant’s location in low season
* Weekend Rates From $1,100.00 in low season
* Travel Fees of $55.00 per 30 mins of time will apply for areas outside of Brisbane City
Parking Fees will also apply for Brisbane City venues
* Low Season (Nov-Feb / July-Aug) & High Season (Mar-Jun / Sept-Oct)